July 14, 2024

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I am afraid Lord,
When I’m still a kid, to grow up in this world,
Not knowing what the future holds,
Or if I ever I’ll get old.

I am afraid Lord,
When I marry my loving wife,
Not knowing if I’ll be a good husband to her,
Or if I’m worthy of her life.

I am afraid Lord,
When I first held our first son,
Will I be a good father to him?
Or will I be a hindrance to Your plan?

I am afraid Lord,
When You called me to Your ministry,
Will I be faithful in my calling?
Or because of me, the Church will be in misery?

I am afraid Lord,
Whenever someone calls me “A man of God,”
Because I’m not really a man oh Lord,
I’m just a kid with a loving God.

I am afraid Lord,
Whenever someone told me I am strong,
Because they can’t see all the tears in me,
And it’s because of You all along.

I am afraid Lord,
Whenever I see one of your servants die,
Whenever You will call them home,
And bid our last goodbye.

I am afraid Lord,
Not for them in peace You’ve grant,
But for me, if I may also hear you say,
“Well done good and faithful servant!”

Now I’m in my mid 30’s,
I am still afraid my Lord,
But I realized I have made it through them all,
Because you are faithful to Your Word.

So I am here Lord, trying to be faithful in my calling,
Because you have told me in Your Word,
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and be courageous!
For I the Lord will be with you, wherever you will go!”


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