July 25, 2024

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Speaking the Truth Makes a Man a true Minister of God

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2 Cor. 12:3-4 “And I know that this man–whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows was caught up to paradise. He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell.

This experience that Paul had of heaven is intriguing for what he didn’t say! And it was such an incredible experience that he didn’t even know if he was in the body or not! All he would say is that he was caught up and suddenly he was in paradise – Heaven.

It is incredible that he saw and heard amazing things in heaven yet wasn’t even willing to talk about it. What was he thinking? Did he not know that it would have gone viral? His followers and subscribers would have gone ballistic over night! His book sales would have made him famous! Oh what a foolish move Paul! But Paul wasn’t interested in personal fame and glory. He didn’t point to himself as something special and actually felt odd talking about the experiences he had. He was just interested in speaking about Jesus and what He did. And we can definitely learn from that!

What is my point here? Actually, it is not wrong to publish our supernatural experiences from the Lord, especially if the Lord told us to published them. But you must not use them to prove that you are a true minister of God and elevated yourself above other ministers. It is actually fine if you don’t have any supernatural experiences. Remember that John the Baptist did not perform any miracles signs and wonders, he only speaks the truth about Christ (John 10:41). And the Lord says that there is no man born of a woman who is greater than John (Mat. 11:11). Supernatural experiences does not make one a true minister of God, speaking the Truth is.


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