July 25, 2024

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The God Who Makes a Way

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Isaiah 43:15-16 “I am the LORD, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King. Thus says the LORD, Who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters.”

Here, the Lord reminded the Israelites again that He is their Creator and King Who made a way for them through the mighty waters. Often times, we need this reminder too. Maybe you have been feeling like the Israelites were? Maybe you have taken your eyes off the Lord and onto your situation? Maybe the difficulty of what you are facing right now has clouded out the thought of Who the Lord is for you? Maybe you have forgotten that the One Who is on your side is the Great Eternal, all-powerful and the ever-present God Who makes a way for you?

Israel sure had been reminded. And I had too when I read this. So maybe you have as well. HE IS THE GOD THAT MAKES A WAY. The trials and difficulties of this life may be coming against you right now in way that seems like there is no way out. If that is so, then please remember that your God is the God Who “makes a way” even if you are a facing the mighty waters. May you too proclaim His praise as you trust Him in this situation once again.


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