July 25, 2024

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The Great Blessing in Waiting

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It is interesting to note that a lot of very prominent woman in the Bible were barren and unable to conceive. We think of very prominent woman such as Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, and Elizabeth in the New Testament. And, yet, though they had to wait far longer than there peers, when God did supernaturally bless them and enable them to produce a child, what a child it was! If God makes you wait, it may well be that he is wanting to bring forth something special.

Look at the children these women had brought up even though they had to wait and endure hardship and ridicule in some cases for so many years. Sarah gave birth to Isaac, the promised son who typifies Jesus in many ways. Rachel gave birth to Joseph, who was more prominent than all his brothers and of whom the Bible only speaks well of. Hannah gave birth to Samuel, the amazing prophet of the Lord. And Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist, of whom Jesus said there were none greater of those born of a woman. If God makes you wait, there will be a reason and He may well be wanting to bring forth a greater blessing for you.


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