July 25, 2024

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We Need to Be Empty

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There are two things that we can learn from this verse. First is that, we need to be empty. Obviously, the only thing that stops a vessel being filled is if it is already filled with something else! So Elisha instructed the lady to get empty jars. This speaks of us being filled with the Holy Spirit. But it also speaks of the emptying process that allows us to be in a state to be filled and used by God. We need to be emptied of pride and self-dependence to be filled by God. After this ’emptying’ process, then we can be filled with the Lord’s life and power.

The second lesson is that, we need the vessels to keep coming. There was an abundance of oil that would keep flowing into the jars as long as there was a jar to fill. Once the woman stopped presenting an empty jar to be filled, then the oil stopped. Let me say it this: We need to keep presenting ourselves back to God, as an empty vessel, in need of His filling. And the oil of the Holy Spirit only stops when we stop presenting ourselves back to him and all the vessels are already full.


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