July 25, 2024

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You Cannot Apprehend God

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John 18:6 So when He said to them, “I AM He,” they drew back and fell to the ground.

The number of soldiers here who fell on the ground after the Lord Jesus spoke the words “I AM He” is about 300 to 400 hundred soldiers, not including the officers, chief priests and Pharisees who also fell on the ground (John 18:3). If you notice on the above verse, the word “He” here is in italics which means that it is not in the original text. So the Lord here only said the words “I AM” and all those people who wanted to arrest Him fell to the ground.

The Apostle John here is showing us that the Lord Jesus is the Great I AM (Exo. 3:14). This is why the seven I AM statements of the Lord can only be found in the Gospel of John. He is showing us that the Lord Jesus is the powerful God making those strong soldiers fall down to the ground by just saying the Word about Who He is. This event that happened during the Lord’s arrest is a foreshadowing of what will happen during the Battle of Armageddon when the Lord will return to claim the Earth (Rev. 14:14-20). About 300 to 500 Million people and Satan’s power will gather together to fight against the Lord’s return. But of course, all of them will just fall to the ground when the Lord will say the Word. For He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords (Rev. 17:14). The Lord will not even lift His finger during this fight.


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