July 25, 2024

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Last night, while I am sleeping,
A vision came to me.
It’s of You and I, my love,
A wondrous sight to see.

We’re walking beneath the stars,
Basking the sandy sea.
Thy pleasant smile, Thy calm eyes,
What joy! I am with Thee!

But although it’s just a dream,
My tears started to flow.
The loneliness all these years
Have all started to show.

“When will You return, My Love?”
I asked with trembling voice.
When will we be one at last?
And when shall I rejoice?

For my heart longeth for You,
Like long, unbroken chain.
Like lover who remain unloved,
And love who loved in vain.

But alas these simple words,
Like summer in the rain.
Like drums on hills, and fields and hearts,
Then vanishes in vain.

And though my love You are in bloom,
You turn with fragile grace.
You hugged this aching sadness,
And look into my face.

“To marry thou is my goal,
Together we will be.
But first I’ll prepare a place for thee,
Would thou then wait for me?”

Those are the words you’ve spoken,
“Yes!” I replied in tears.
“I’ll wait for You a million years,
Even a million years!”

Then my love, time flies so fast,
Morning is here to stay.
I heard a voice says “It’s time”
And then You’re gone away.

You’re gone and left me begging,
Begging for You to stay.
How I prayed as I’m longing,
But then you’re gone away.

So I’m here lying in bed,
Praying we’re not apart.
But then I realized my Lord,
You’re living in my heart.

You are not away in us,
You’re always here from start.
I’m not just waiting for someone else,
I’m waiting for my heart.

So I close my eyes again,
This time with joyful tears.
I will wait for Thee my Lord,
Even a million years!


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