July 14, 2024

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In my dream, I had this great opportunity
To see my God and talk to Him beside the sea
So I ask Him some questions that really bothers me
Hoping He’ll answer and understands me

I ask Him some questions as we walk together
“My Lord, why I can’t understand all the wonders around me?”
He smiles and told me to dig a hole about a foot in diameter
And answer, “Bon, your mind is like that hole and mine is like the sea.”

“My Lord, I know that you carry me in times of my trouble
But why is it when I have a problem, I feel very uncomfortable?”
Again He smiles and the words in His mouth is like the wind that flow
He said, “Bon just hold on to me and to your problems, learn to let go.”

I felt ashamed to ask this question that really causes me wondering
Still I ask: “My Lord, when is the time of your second coming?”
Again He gave me a smile so calm and so fine
And said, “My son, I cannot yet come, my plans for my people are not yet done.”

At this point of time I’ve notice that He will going to leave me
He noticed my sadness and said, “I will not going to leave thee.”
He is fading saying, “Just do what I’ve told you and trust in my plan.”
So I answered back saying, “I’ll do what you’ve told me Lord and Thy will be done.”

Then I woke up smiling with tears of joy in my eyes
Remembering what had Lord Jesus told me that just happened for a while
So I pray thanking Him for being my Father and for making me His son
And closing it saying, “I trust in Your plan my Lord and to me, Thy will be done.”


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