July 25, 2024

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I’m here right now, trying to write a poem for you, my Lord
But I just don’t know where to start
Though it’s the only thing that a sinner like me can afford
Still, no words can ever describe what’s inside of my heart

Yes, even William Shakespeare will be speechless
And the plume that he used to create a poem will be useless
He will need all the waters in the rain and the gentle breeze of the air
To write how great is thy Word, my Father

And how can Albert Einstein explain by his theory of Relativity?
Or by Sir Isaac Newton’s “The Law of Gravity”?
The Wisdom when You created the universe and all of its glory
For it defies all the worldly knowledge, laws, and all its theories?

It would be hard for Ludwig Van Beethoven and Amadeus Mozart
‘Coz even their “Canon” and “Moonlight Sonata” are not enough
They’ll need the songs of birds and the calmness of the vapor
If they tend to describe the beauty of Thy Word, my Savior

Even the two great painters are not enough, I know
Sir Leonardo da Vinci and sir Michelangelo
They would need the glow of twilight zone and its every color
If they try to paint Your creations, my Creator

There’s even no philosopher, neither ancient nor current
Can ever define the comfort that You gave to Your saints
For even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle will need heavenly wisdom
To explain how in Your Word Your Bride, get that complete freedom!

The world are amazed by the wonder in the smile of Monaliza
And the mystery in the goodness of Veronica
But when I’ll see You I know, I’ll forget all these earthly things
For all of them my King, compared to Your glory, they are nothing

Now I am convinced that no earthly things can ever compare to You
It’s just like writing a poem in the rain, using a rainbow
The words of the poet are true, “Poems are made by fools like me”
But Your Word is far greater true, “I gave my life because I love you”


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