July 25, 2024

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Our Father will Always Catch Us

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Life here on Earth is seldom easy. When you’re in the midst of a problem, it’s very hard to simply trust that God is adequate for your situation and to walk by faith, even though it sounds great and is so, so, so biblical! But it means that you are not walking by sight. It means that you are actually going through a situation where you cannot see how things are going to turn out. And that can be dreadful at times. But we need, obviously, to trust. We need to trust our Father.

About trusting our Heavenly Father, I and my son Elkhahee often have this game of throw and catch. I would throw him up in the air and just catch him. He will then burst into laughter and would tell me “Do it again Daddy” because he likes it and he trusted me to always catch him. If only he knew that I fail my college softball audition because I am not a good catcher, he wouldn’t be laughing! But that’s another matter. The fact is that, he knows that I will always catch him. And it’s the same with us. When there are any problems, bumps on the road, we need to remember that God is not going to let us fall. He is our Father. And He’s more than any earthly father could ever be. We need to learn to relax like my little boy does in the hands of his Dad.


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