July 25, 2024

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God’s Ways are not our Ways

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I can imagine Joshua trying to explain to his soldiers what they were going to do with Jericho. They would be thinking, how are we going to beat Jericho? How are these walls going to come down? Are we going to go through the gate, are we going to try and go under it, is there anything we can throw over the top? Joshua said might have said, “No. We are going to walk around the walls. We are going to walk around it for six days. And then on the seventh day we are going to walk around it seven times.”

They would be thinking “OK right, are we looking for a way in here?” Then said Joshua “No, no, no. Here is the cool part – on the seventh day after we have walked around it seven times we are going to blow our trumpets and the walls are going to come crashing down! Cool plan huh?” They would be thinking -“RIGHT – who else have we got for a leader! Joshua is obviously out of his mind!”

But God’s ways are not our ways. His ways bring glory to the one who truly deserves the glory – Him!


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