July 25, 2024

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The Meaning of Names

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I find it interesting that the ministry of both Elijah and Elisha is foretold in the meanings of their name. Elijah means “Yahweh is God” and that was his ministry. During his time, people didn’t know who the true God was anymore. Most followed Baal. Elijah had to come to again show them the true God.

On the other hand, Elisha means “God is salvation” and that was his calling. Not so much to point out who the true God was, but to show that God was alive and well and is able to save. You see, Elisha lived in dark times. Apostasy abounded and Israel’s enemies were circling. Yet through countless situations, Elisha stood as a light, a voice in the wilderness showing through his life that the God of Israel was well and truly alive! That is why Elisha performed more miracles than anyone else in the Bible apart from the Lord Jesus. He showed that God is salvation.


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