July 14, 2024

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A new era has begun.

If you have noticed, the Temple of God is almost finished. The saints are almost perfect and the work in the construction will soon going to end (Eph. 4:11-13).

The Apostles have done a great job in laying the foundations.

The Prophets who are the Foreman of the construction have successfully pointed us to the blueprint of the Temple.

The Evangelists have done their part in converting those hearts of stones to be materials for the construction.

The Pastors have successfully dovetailed those materials to fitly joined together so that no iron tools were heard during the construction (1 Kings 6:7)

NOW, it is time for the Teachers to do the Polishing for the Temple to be finished. Polishing cannot start when all the materials are not yet joined together.

Among the five, it is the Teachers that has been given the gift to see the most intricate details needed for the polishing.

They should overlay all parts of the Temple with pure Gold (1 Kings 6:21-22). Making sure that no stone can be seen in the Temple (1 Kings 6:18).

Because of these, the devils and his angels will draw their attention to the Teachers to prevent them from polishing the construction. In these last days, the final battle will be seen among them.

Many will be against them as they try to polished the flaws that they have seen in the construction. That’s why if you have noticed, they are polishing the flaws in teachings and doctrines taught to us. Because of this, many will hate them. Especially the false ministers. But they need not to worry for King Solomon is overseeing the construction (1 Kings 6:14,22).

Just before the 7 Thunders uttered their Voices (Rev. 10:7), the Bride needs to be polished first.

… and the Polishing has already begun.

But then I asked myself: “If the Lord wanted us to be polished, then why did He allow this Corona Virus to happen here on Earth? How can we have fellowship together in His Name if because of this pandemic, we are not allowed to gather together?

Then while I was walking on the street, I saw a simple house with a very beautiful gate. Its gate is made of iron tubes with intricate and elaborate designs of a Bamboo. Upon looking at it, one would think that the gate is made of real Bamboos. Then I told myself: “Whoever is the painter of this gate, he/she must have given his/her great focus and concentration while painting this that’s why he/she has produced this beautiful output.

Then the Word of the Lord came to my mind:

That’s the reason why I put you into a lockdown, where you are not allowed to have fellowship together. So that there will be nothing to distract you as I polished and finished you inch by inch. It’s only between Me and you. I have called you one by one, I will polished you also one by one.

Thank you Lord.


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