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“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are metamorphoo into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”2 Cor. 3:18

The Tale of the Two Caterpillars is a parable and a fable depicting today’s spiritual journey of the Bride of Christ watching and praying for their metamorphosis towards perfection. Most of all, this is an allegorical novel that reflects the stages of metamorphosis of every Christian’s Spiritual life from the time that he is baptized by the Holy Spirit up to the time that he will be Glorified.

It contains partly about the life cycle of a butterfly, partly about Spiritual perfection and lots about Hope and Love.  Hope that indeed, our Lord and Savior will return to claim those who are His and to change our bodies so that we will be made perfect like Him; and Love because we are always loved from the beginning, and from the beginning His love never leaves us. No matter what we do, nothing can separate us from it. No matter how great our sins are, at the end of day, what matters most is how great His love upon us. It’s actually not about our sins, it’s about His love.

Spiritual stagnation is the failure of growing from one stage into another stage because we fail to realize this universal truth and the heart of the Bible – “For God so love the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). Yes beloved, the universe was created because of His love – for you! When we fail to realize this that’s when evil prevail. We no longer want to grow thinking that God no longer loves us because we have sinned against Him. The world may not forgive you for it, but we must always remember what the apostle Paul said, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ” (Rom. 8:35-39). Nothing, not even sin.

We all aimed to be perfected. As in the stature of a perfect man when we will be like Christ possessing that divine love. The question is “How can we attain that perfect and divine love?”

The Lord Jesus Christ is the divine and complete expression of God’s love for us (1 John 4:10). He is the Word of God made manifest (1 Tim. 3:16). In order to attain that perfect love, we must be one with His Word. I have stated above that from the beginning our God loves us and His love will never leaves us. The same is true: in the beginning was the Word and so it will be until the end.

Sadly, we are in a generation today where most of the people think that they can be one with the Word by doing good works. They have believed that they are saved by grace through faith and not by any works that any man should boast (Eph. 2:8-9), but then something went wrong. They also believe that they can be in the Rapture by works and that they will be adopted if they will work hard not to sin for a year or three. They have started right but ended wrong. They have started by Grace but ends by – works? We are saved by grace then we will be Raptured by works? Something really went wrong. This is also what Paul is warning us in Galatians 3:2-3:

“I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by observing the law, or by believing what you heard? Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?”

It is like telling someone that they must first cure their selves before they can take the medicine. That they must be perfected first before they can be one with the Word. It is just like a caterpillar who wants to fly when it’s not yet a butterfly.

Contrary to that, the opposite is the truth. We can sin no more when we are already one with the Word. The cure for sin is the Word. Being one with the Word is like the caterpillars whose concern only is to eat and eat the leaves they were born unto until one day, there body themselves will tell them that the process is already complete  and that they are already one with the life that the leaves gives them. Spiritual metamorphosis is like that. All we have to do is to eat the Word of life until the Word Itself will perfect us.

This story will take you to this natural typology of perfection. The life cycle of a butterfly has been utilized as an image for spiritual development since the early times. The physical transformation of a butterfly has been thought about to be like the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ since the dawn of Christianity. Depicted through the symbolism of butterflies, is the changing process of profound spiritual perfection.

Most of all, this novel will remind us to be back to the Word, back to the Absolute. The metamorphosis of the main characters will tell us that from the beginning, we are saved by grace trough faith and not by works and so it will be also in the Rapture. We will be Raptured by grace through faith when we have already attained that rapturing faith and not by any works.

Join me as we go along with the life of the caterpillars, towards their journey to be a butterfly. Every name, place, events and characters are symbols which has a corresponding spiritual meanings. I pray that this story can give hope to all of us who waited upon our Lord.



Dedicated to my fellow caterpillar, Yellow, whose perseverance and courage always inspire me to go on and to finish the race; to our son Von Elkhahee, so that he may know the love story of his parents; and to all the caterpillars out there waiting for their transformations.

God bless us all.





I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are thy works; and that my soul know right well.Psalm 139:14

Once upon a time, in one of the vegetable gardens in the Philippines, stood the long rows of native corn, whose green blades rustled to a passing breeze that spokes upon them.

Just across the separating garden path, was a wide bed of feathery asparagus, separated from the rest of the garden by a low wooden border about two feet high.

In the same garden, are many other vegetables, and towering far above them all are some giant coconut trees. They seemed like giants to the potato vines and tomato plants nearby, both of whom are of a crawling nature and admired anything that was higher than them. The young potato vines used to look up from the top of their hills and wonder if they would ever get as near to the sky as those leaves of the coconut trees seemed to be. But their value is not actually above the sky, their great value lies because of their being close to the ground and bearing as many big and fine-skinned potatoes as possible.

Our story, however, is not about the potato vines and the vegetables in the garden, but of something very wonderful which took place upon the outside leaf of a green, round cabbage-head which is located along with the other cabbages in the corner of the garden. Among these wonderful things of which the garden could told was the life-story of  little eggs whose home was on the outside leaf of  one of those cabbages.

It started one Sunday morning, when a mother butterfly searching for a green-leafy cabbage is struggling for labor to where to lay her eggs. It was August and a rainy month in the Philippines. All of the insects in the garden seem to know that a heavy rain will come that day.

The ants whose innate instinct is almost accurate when it comes to rain, are already preparing inside their hill for what to be a great typhoon which will come that day.

The Grasshoppers and the Praying Mantis are not on their hunt. The Spider is nowhere to be seen on its web neither are the Aphids who are always busy decomposing the leaves on the soil, are keeping themselves in the comfort of the coconut roots. All the other insects are also preparing for the heavy rains to come. However, the mother butterfly is still searching for the very suitable cabbage leaf that can protect and nourish her eggs for the days to come.

After about half an hour of flying above those cabbages, she’d finally seen a round, green leafy cabbage-head in the corner of the garden which suits its criterion to lay her eggs.

She laid her eggs securely by special glue she produced that stick unto the leaves and hardened rapidly. They are greenish eggs, oval in shape and as big as the pen dot. All of them are secured – except for her seventeenth egg. It is the last egg that she laid and the glue is not yet hard. The mother butterfly was so worried for some droplets of rain are already falling. She looks at the sky. A great dark cloud was apparently setting in. The surrounding becomes dark. She knew that she will not be able to survive if she will be caught by that great rain.

“This maybe my last day now, I want to spend every moment of it protecting my little ones. I’m so sorry my children. I may not be there when you will come out of those shell and see your first light from our Lord, but I will protect you as long as I can,” she said to her eggs.

And so, the mother butterfly clung mightily on the leaves protecting her eggs with her wings as the heavy rains begun to pour out. Then one by one, big drops of water hit her wings causing its protected scales to drain. Not so long, her scales are completely wiped out and the beautiful colors are gone, making her much vulnerable to water and cold.

Strong and rustling winds brought too much rain and she can no longer hold on from clinging on that leaf. Knowing that her end is almost near, she talks again to her eggs.

“I may not be there anymore my little ones, but we will be reunited again… You came through me but I did not own you. You belong to our Creator and He will be the one Who will protect you… Grow, and fly,” she said with all her strength remaining.

Then she looks up the sky and thanks her Creator. Heavy rains are falling and the mother butterfly is no longer clinging on the leaf and was gone.

Despite of that all, she had manage to protect her eggs. But the heavy rains are still pouring hard together with the strong wind which made the cabbage leaves to flip-flop and exposing the eggs to the rain.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the seventeenth egg was expose to the rain. Since the glue is not yet hard, rain water penetrated it making it lightly bonded to the leaf. When a strong wind passes, the seventeenth egg detaches from the leaf and was carried away by it.

The rain continued for two days and branches of tress fell on the vegetables below ruining almost every part of the garden. Leaves of every plant are almost everywhere and most parts of the garden are flooded.

On the third day, the rain stops at last and the dark clouds were slowly vanishing in the sky. A ray of light flickers in the sky just like a ray of hope was shining upon the garden.

One by one, all the insects are peeping their way out from their holes to see if it is already safe outside. The Aphids are the first to come out. They are followed by the Spider whose first goal is to repair her web that was devastated by the typhoon. Then all of the other insects followed and started again.

At the corner of the garden, in one of the cabbage leaf, are the sixteen eggs of a butterfly. They are able to make it through to the typhoon yet, one of them is missing.

In the center of the cabbage, there came out a green caterpillar with two spots near his heads that are seemed to be his big eyes. All of the other insects are afraid of him because he looks like a fierce caterpillar afar. But little did they know he’s a harmless, jolly and full of wisdom from the Lord. His name is Brother Green.

Brother Green started his day with a smile and a prayer before he raises his head praising the Lord for he had made it through the storm. He enjoys himself first on the warmth of the sun before he begins his daily routine which is to eat and eat.

He’s enjoying eating the leaves and sometimes looking towards the sky praising the Lord. But this day, he notices those tiny greenish eggs under a leaf. He was surprise when he sees them. He knows what exactly are they and he is very excited that he will have companies – brother and sisters that will be born unto the Lord. He praises the Lord even greater.

He watched them day by day wondering when they will hatch for even he doesn’t know the day that he was born and what it will be looked like for a tiny caterpillar to be out of the shell. Sometimes when the rustling wind comes and moves the leaf, the eggs are being exposed to the ray of sun making the larvae inside them visible to the eye of Brother Green. He was amaze seeing them forming inside the eggs.

“I want to take good care these young ones while they are here and I will share to them the things that they need to know for them to become a full grown butterfly,” he told this to himself while smiling. 

Then at last, on the seventh day while he was watching them, a black thing inside one of the eggs was pushing his way out of the shell.




Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God... The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.John 3:5 & 8

“We have come to the 7th day, the day that these little ones will be born again,” Brother Green said to his self as he watches those small dark heads push their way out of the shells.

Those tiny little caterpillars struggle a lot to come out. But those hard and brittle shells are preventing them on their way out. Some of it causes scratches on their bodies making them to suffer a lot.

While observing them, Brother Green wants to help but he also knows that those struggles are very essentials for the growth of those caterpillars. He knows that in order for blood to normally circulate in their bodies, they’ll have to stretch and exert a force so that their bodies will not grow weak.

“It’s all in the blood. It’s not that easy to overcome this process and you’ll need to fight your old self to be free,” he thought. So even though he doesn’t want them to suffer, all he did was to watch and pray.

But Brother Green is not ready to what he will see next. His prayer was heard! To his amazement, those caterpillars started to use their mandibles (tough and sharp pair of appendages in their mouth used to cut and crush their food) to cut and eat their shells!

They started to eat their shells that keep them away from getting out. One by one they’re munching it and consume every bit of it.

“Well, because they are ‘cutter’ pillars,” Brother Green said to himself and smiles.

He had never expected it. When he was born again, he did not know when it is and if he had also eaten his shell, but he is pretty sure now that in order to be born again, one must get out from his old shell and use those God-given-abilities to overcome.

“So now I know the meaning of this passage “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.I think, I have just witness those very words came true,” he said to himself.

At last, those little caterpillars are completely free from their shells and the next thing that they did was to eat the leaves that they were born unto.

Brother Green tried to interrupt them by calling them. “Hello sisters and brothers! Welcome to the outside world!” he greeted them. But it seems that they are too busy eating leaves that they did not hear him. He understands them, so he raises his head, praises his Creator for the new companies and started eating also.

Every once in a while he pauses to looked at them. After just an hour, they have already double their sizes. Their thin skin is already tight still, they continued to eat and eat.

Two days had passed. They and Brother Green became close. Before the day starts, they would raise their heads and join Brother Green praying and praising the Lord and before the day ends Brother Green would tell those stories about long ago, the histories of their ancestors and the great works of God to them.

As he watches them every day, Brother Green’s eyes sparkle with joy. He taught them how to select the freshest leaf. He taught them what part to eat so that they will not harm the plant and it will continue to give more leaves. He guides them in the best cabbage and told them which part is not edible and he taught them how to defend their selves against the other insect.

All in all, they are sixteen healthy caterpillars, nine males and seven females. One by one he gave them their names mostly according to their appearance and attitude. They are:

Leafy (male, the greenish of all)

Catty (a female caterpillar, the one with the pink antennae)

Lambchamp (male)

Maddowpillar (female)

Stripe (male, with dominant black and white stripes)

Caterchris (male)

Hope (female, because she always said that when she became an adult butterfly, she will be the hopes for the flowers)

Absolem (male)

Moonbay (female)

Looper(male, because he always moves by extending the front part of the body and bringing up the rear to meet it thus, creating a “loop”.)

Wigly (male)

Chrisallis (female)

Swallowtail (male)

Lily (female)

Von Hiediken (male, pronounced as Von Hay-di-ken. His brother and sisters called him Von)

Genesis (female, the youngest, because she is the beginning… of something)

All of them have his/her own unique characteristics and a gift from their Creator.

Leafy, being the eldest is the biggest of all and the greenish. In all of them, he was the one who values most the leaves. He studies them, takes good care of them and most of all; he knows that the nutrients coming from the leaves are the ones that sustain their body to develop. Brother Green admired him for these qualities. Being very close to Brother Green and has a passion in the leaves, Leafy has this gift to discern whether that leaf is fresh or not and if it is good to eat.

Catty however, is the type of a responsible sister. She has a strong conviction among the others. She’s the one who helps Brother Green in handling her brothers and sisters. Though she has no gift of discernment unlike Leafy, her love of green leaves makes her eats the freshest ones.

Lambchamp is the kind hearted one. Always want to sacrifice for the others. He’s the type of a savior. He is always ready to lead the way to a greener cabbage and secure that it is safe for his siblings. By always taking the lead, makes him to discover another green cabbage.  

Maddowpillar is a musician. She loves to compose song for His Creator. She can create music through the breeze of the wind, the rain drops and the sounds from their surroundings. Her favorite part of the day is when they sang praises to their Creator.

Stripe, among all the others, is the adventurer. He was the one who wants to explore the garden and had gone to the part where no others had gone before. He wants to explore it all and discover new things. He likes to risk and is full of wisdom in overcoming every problem.

Von however, is always with Stripe. They are always with each other. It is because there personally is almost the same. Von was the friend-of-all type. He always wants to make new friends with the other caterpillars and other insect in the garden. And in order to do this, he must also be an adventurer just like Stripe. He is more like a scientist who has the gift of knowing someone’s feeling and behavior.

Caterchris is the strongest and the bravest among all the others. There is this one occasion that he used his body to be a bait to distract the bird that is about to eat Moonbay and survive the attack by luring the bird into the thorny rose bush making the bird full of scratches. The safety of his family was always his priority.

Hope just like her name, is always hopeful. She’s the one who always encourages her siblings. She is also kind and with a pure heart. She loves flowers even though she can’t eat them. But there’s something in her that makes her think that someday, she’ll need those and she will be their hope.

Absolem is a quite type. When everyone is happy he is quite. When everyone is sad he is also quite, as if no emotions at all. But he loves to look at the skies especially the stars at night. No one knows what exactly he is thinking.

Moonbay is the opposite of Absolem, she is the happy type. Just like Maddowpillar, she always wants to praise her Creator and she also possesses a great voice.

Looper is the opposite of Stripe and Von. He doesn’t want to explore the garden and is always afraid to try. He’s the type who is always contented for what he has.

Wiggly is the loner. Just like Lopper, he wants to be alone always. But among all the others, he’s the most imaginative. He spends most of his time thinking of what he will become someday.

Chrisallis has a gift of knowledge. Among all her sisters, she’s the one who is always with his brother Leafy and Brother Green. Staying close to them had gained her this gift.

Swallowtail however, is the ideal caterpillar. His body can easily adapt to the new environment especially when they transfer from one cabbage to another. His body knows exactly when it is time to molt (changing of old skin to new one).

Lily is the fragile type. She’s the most beloved. She always lends her hand to her siblings. She was also the joy of her family. Brother Green would like to name her Nueva Alegria which means New Joy for it soothes her personality but brother Green think of this as too long that’s why he just named her Lily.

Lastly, Genesis is the youngest. She is the mark to the beginning of their generation. Brother Green knows exactly the meaning of it. He named her Genesis base on the Old book in Scripture that tells the Beginning of the Creation. And just like Methuselah in the story of old, her death will also bring a new beginning.

These are all the sixteen caterpillars that grow in the care of Brother Green after the great typhoon. Their journey towards perfection begins here.

Meanwhile, in the far end of the garden, at the wooden border that separates the asparagus from the rest of the plant, is the seventeenth egg that clung in one of the woods. The wooden border prevents it to be carried away by rain water during the flood.

This is also its seventh day and the day that he will be born again. The sunlight warmth the egg and the larvae inside push his way outside. Just like his brothers and sisters, it’s his body or instincts that told him to eat the shell in order to get out. Then finally, our main character is out of its old self. 




And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.Romans 8:28

After struggling so hard, a tiny caterpillar is now free from his old self. “Hello world,” he said. “It sure is bright out here in the sun, and I’m still hungry.”

Straight-away, he began to eat the leaf of one of the asparagus leaf. It doesn’t really taste good to him but he had no choice anyway. It is the only nearest leaf available. He ate it…then another leaf… and another. And he got bigger and bigger until one day, a thorn-like muscular tissue are appearing on its back.

He stops eating and thought: “These muscles looks like they are becoming more and more in my back. I need to find out how to cure them.” So, Spike crawled down from the asparagus that had shaded and fed him, and started searching for the cure.

He founds many new things—grass, dirt, holes and tiny bugs. Everything fascinates him, he even founds fresh green leaves, but nothing satisfied him and those did not heal him. When he came across on other crawling insects like himself, he was excited. He wanted to ask them about the cure but these crawlers were so busy eating that they had no time to talk. “They don’t know any more than I do,” sighs Spike.

Then one day, in the corner of the cabbage plot, he sees two caterpillars that resemble exactly like him eating one of the cabbage leaves. They are also stripe with black and white color, except that they have no thorn-like muscles on their backs. Spike was very glad. One of them notices him and smiles at him. He smiles back as if they are both longing to talk and would ask so many questions to each other.

“Hello brother! My name is Stripe, and this is my brother Von. How do you do?” greets Stripe.

“Er,… I’m not really feeling well brother but I’m happy that I meet someone who looks almost exactly like me,” Spike answered with a warm smile.

“We are pleased to meet you my brother!” said Von who is always happy meeting someone.

“By the way what is your name my brother?” asked Von.

“Uhm, other insects called me Spike, you can call me that too,” he smiled back at Von.

“From which cabbage are you brother Spike? I think we have already explored most of the cabbages here but this is the first time that we’ve seen you,” asked Stripe.

“Cabbage? I don’t live in these cabbages, I just came to pass by,” answered Spike.

“So where do you live and what do you eat?” asked Stripe

“The asparagus, on the other side of the border.”

“You do eat asparagus?” asked Stripe and Von.

“Yes. Why brothers?”

“Ah, we are only amazed brother. For this is the first time we learn that a caterpillar like us is eating the leaves of an asparagus,” answered Stripe.

“So how does it taste my brother?” asked Von.

“I don’t really like it brother, and the more that I ate it, the more that I felt so weak,” answered Spike with a sad face.

There was a silence between the three. Stripe and Von was somehow perplexed about what they’ve just heard. It is really possible that a caterpillar like them is eating an asparagus leaf? Stripe looks at Von. He thinks that perhaps Spike was lying to them and he knows Von was very good in discerning someone’s behavior.

Von however was looking intently in the eyes of Spike. He can see a deep sadness and loneliness on them and he knows Spike wasn’t lying. So he smiled and said, “You said a while ago my brother that you are not feeling well. Can we know the reasons my brother?”

There was a sudden gladness in the eyes of Spike, “Oh, yes brother Von. I want to know the cure to these lumps of muscles emerging in my back. They’re making me feel sick.”

Stripe and Von have already noticed it. They’ve thought that this maybe the reason why his name is Spike. Both of them have the gift of discovering new things and Stripe actually wants to solve every problem. They’ve sense another adventure in helping their new brother in solving his problem. But what actually can they do? All their life, they’ve only studied the cabbage. When among their brothers and sisters fill ill, all they need to do is to eat the cabbage. When they’re weak and thirsty, all they need to do is to eat cabbage’s leaf. All their needs and nourishment are already in the cabbage leaf. It’s all in the leaf. Stripe was thinking hard about this.

“You know brother, all our needs like medicines, food, water and nutrients are all here in these cabbage leaves. Perhaps you may want to try these,” explained Stripe.

“They look juicy and delicious to me. Perhaps you are right brother,” answered Spike.

So the three of them eat the cabbage leaf and Spike eats as much as he wants for he finds it delicious and refreshing. The spikes on his back have never disappeared though. But he feels better than before. The sun was already setting when the three feel satisfied and Spike thanked his two new brothers for inviting him to eat their food.

“Nah, it’s not only our food, it’s for everybody who wants to partake it,” Von answered.

“You’re so generous my brothers and I feel so much better now, thank you very much”

“But those spikes,… I mean those muscle tissues emerging on your back are still there. Perhaps our elder brother, Brother Green, can help us solve your problem. Will you come with us in our home?” Stripe added.

Von looked at Stripe. It was a very good idea, and they know that they will all be happy knowing that Spike is a caterpillar like them.

“It is okay brothers?” asked Spike.

“Yes, our brothers and sisters will be very glad,” Von replied.

So the three caterpillars made their way home.

And it was already getting dark when they reach it. It was Lily who first approached her two brothers and greeted Spike with a warm hello.

Spike responded with a shy smile and somewhat amaze too see that there are actually many caterpillars who resemble exactly like him.

They introduce him to them and Spike feels so bless to be with them. For the first time in his life, he finally feels at home. “Now, this is where I belong,” he told himself as he was happily memorizing their names. Then he is being introduce to brother Green and he warmly hug Spike as if he was his long lost brother and with a warmly smile which can be seen in the personality of brother Green.

Spike feels the connection around him and everybody was happy. At this point of the day, it was their common habit to listen to brother Green’s stories before they’ll go to sleep. But brother Green knows that this will be the best time to tell them the story of the Savior.

“I think since Spike is here, this is the right time to tell you about the story of the Messiah,” brother Green started.




For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” –Isaiah 9:6

All of the seventeen caterpillars are quieted and they listen intently as brother Green started to tell the story.

“Darkness fell upon the earth. It is the darkness brought by the fall. The world was filled with silence. There was not even a whisk to be heard. Gradually, terror covered the insects. There was no light. Horror seized them. They have no courage to move. And there’s no one to save them.

“What is this darkness all about?” all the insects wondered. “How come it is here?” they asked. “Where did it come from?”

Something was gone. Something was not right. Something was lost. What it is, they couldn’t say. But in that darkness, they began to cry out their own song for something that was missing.

These and parallel thoughts aggravated attacks between the insects, attacks which resulted to deaths. Fears of deficiency and scarcity ran amok. This fear of not having their needs met seemed to shroud the world. The joy that the insects had known was forgotten and gone.

The darkness had clouded and blinded their minds. Each insect develop the means to protect itself from the attack of others. All of them have their attack and defense – except for the Caterpillars. They were different. They are soft-bodied, without wings, no means of attack and little if any. They seemed to be the perfect prey for other insects and their numbers dwindled.

“Oh!” one cried, “What is to be done to us? We can’t hide now, we are doomed!” A group of caterpillars come together and with great effort, they began to recall those times before the fall. It is as if, they are the only ones to remember their Creator, all His goodness and His love for them. They cried together in unison for His aid, but before they can utter any words, their Creator had already heard their hearts.

Then in group, they began to dream and see visions. It became clear to them that the darkness had caused great changes upon the earth.  

After a long silence, an Orange caterpillar fell into a vision and to them he spoke, “Do not fear for sooner, I will be with you. Fear not, for you shall be saved. Your suffering will become joy. Be still and hold on to your faith, for soon I shall be with you.”

The trance ended and all eyes were set to the strange Orange caterpillar.

“What does it mean?” they asked.

“One will come Who will turn our sorrow into joy and our mourning into dancing. It is He Who shall return us to our Creator. He will be the One to save us. He will be called, ’The Messiah’” said the Orange Caterpillar and all of them were silent.

(At this point of the story, all of the Seventeen caterpillars where very interested. The story is new to them. Spike was amazed, he has so many questions running in his mind but he doesn’t want to interrupt. Brother Green looks at him and then he looks at Genesis and continues the story.)

“The Orange caterpillar encouraged the other caterpillars to spread the message of hope to the other insects until he was killed by a group of black Ants. From that day on, the caterpillars would come together in groups hoping that the time of joy would soon be upon them. But that hope lasted only for some time and then doubt began to overcome them. And sooner, they had forgotten the message that they had received through the Orange caterpillar.

Until one day, an egg breaks open uncovering a modest striped caterpillar. As the caterpillar developed in the ways for God it was exposed to him the meaning of his name and what he has to do to accomplish God’s will, which is to lead the majority of the insects again to His caring light.

As he grew older, he told the others about the goodness of God whose constant light, warmth and love sustained them all.  He reminded them of the time before the fall.

He reminded them of God’s unfailing love for them. When the caterpillars heard this, they were enthralled by his words. They felt something resonates inside them as truth.

Some caterpillars believed that he was the One whom they were told of some time ago by the Orange Caterpillar. They called him the Messiah. Finally, they had someone to lead them and save them. But there were also many Caterpillars who has little faith and who don’t believe on him.

“How shall we defend ourselves against the attacks of other insects?” asked a White one.

“Shall we spin webs and make traps just like what the Spiders did?” asked a Brown caterpillar.

“Do we have to produce our own teeth?” a Gray caterpillar questioned.

These started a quick outbreak of more questions. Then the caterpillars began to panic.

“Why let these thoughts plague you?” queried a clear voice from the Messiah. A hush fell over them as they look to him. He moved into a higher place for all to see as he continued to question them in a very clear voice:

“Why are you thinking that it all depends on your works and actions? Where is your faith? Can’t see a power much stronger than mere spider webs and teeth? Don’t you know that this power resides within all of you at this moment?”

“And what power it might be?” asked the Brown one.

“Could it be,” said the Grey caterpillar, “that we will grow our own wings and fly away?” ruthless laughter followed. All of those who are listening laugh when they heard this.

The Messiah continues, “In truth, I tell you my brothers and sisters that of what I’m telling you is so powerful that all of us here can sprout wings from our own inner depths and fly.”

“Impossible!” said the Brown caterpillar.

“This is madness!” cried the Grey one.

“No, wait! Let us hear what he has to say,” the White caterpillar cried out.

“Yes, what is this power that you are speaking of?” inquired by the Brown caterpillar. “Can it freed us from a swarm of black and red Ants? Or can that be stronger than the Spider’s web? How strong is it?”

“Let him speak please,” cried the White caterpillar. “We all want to know how strong this power can be.”

Another silence fell over the crowd. The wind died down and the leaves stopped swaying.

“This power that I am speaking of is infinitely stronger than a Spider’s web. It is much more persistent and tenacious than a whole swarm of black and red Ants combined. And it can make even the sting of a Wasp undamaging. It is beyond your understanding because it can bring even the dead back to life.” Murmurs were then heard from the unbelieving crowd. “This power that I am speaking of is the very power of God, residing inside your very spirits. And that power is your strength. That strength is the power of His love within you!”

“He’s mad! What is that good power against the claw of a Mantis? How can that save us against an Army of Ants, or if we are trap in a Spider’s web?” cried the Grey caterpillar.

“Your questions are fixed in what are physical. I am speaking of spiritual things, things that can’t be destroyed by teeth or webs. For the spiritual has the power to transform what is physical, not by any works, nor by force and strength. Not even by the power of your will which we all have. Only in Spirit can these things be change. Only the Spirit of God can change these things provided that you are willing to experience it.”

After hearing this, many are disappointed and left. Although none understood what he meant, some stayed. Some of those who left still somehow curious by him and later returned and asked:

“If we are powerless and we die at the hands of other insects, what good is that to us? How can we overcome death? What good are we after death? “

“Death shall be overcome by Life – a new Life – only possible through the Spirit. One must believe in that power that is now residing within him. It is God’s Spirit.”

“Once you have known it to yourself, you can notice it also in others and that is the first step to take over death. We should die every day and by dying to our selfish desires, we live by the Spirit.” After hearing these things, they were still confused.

“God is our Father,” he continues. “He loves us so much that He sustains us with His light, warmth and love. He is our Creator. Many are dying because they are not one in His Word which is life. The day will come that you will become one with His Word and you shall sprout wings and fly to Him and be one with Him. Hunger for Him and your reward will be great.”

He told them to stop from following their selfish desires and to follow the True Light of God. He called God his Father, and the Father of all. But few would believe him because he had no wings to carry him toward the light.

During that time, some insects are also listening to him. They were angry, and rose up against him saying, “So God is your Father? If God is your Father, how come you don’t have wings? How can you then come to your Father? Well, we will give you wings so you can fly to your Father.”

Then they attacked him with stingers immerse in venomous nightshade. This was the big sin of the insects – the stinging of a guiltless caterpillar. They peeled off his skin and made him a couple of fake “wings.” The black Ants brought two sticks which connoted life after death and molded them into the state of a “X”. The Spiders webbed the two sticks together. Then the red Ants brought Black Orchid (unbounded passion), yellow petals of the Sunflower, bits of White Water Lily (purity of heart), and the Orange Amaranth (immortality and love lies a bleeding).

“He has wings now” they continued, “he can now travel to his Father,” as they secured him firmly in the middle of the petaled cross they made.

“If you are truly the Messiah, then save yourself!” they shouted. One of the Wasps removed the thorns from a Rose bush and placed them on his head as a crown. They stung him repeatedly in the darkness. During this time, a strange occurrence was taking place. The light from the sun was slowly disappearing and it was extinguished. He died on the winged cross.

In a moment, there was a great earthquake that took place. The ground shook very hard that the insects fell down on the ground.

After that, some of the faithful followers of the Messiah removed his body when the crowd of insects had left. His followers, the caterpillars, spun a white cocoon around his body. They placed his body below the center of a Purple Iris that grows nearby.

However, on the third day he burst forth from the Iris with beautiful wings – wings of a Butterfly! He then appeared to many.

“Behold, I have overcome the world. Be of good cheer for your sins had been paid.”

He encouraged them to experience this same interior metamorphosis, after which he flew skyward into the throne of His Father.”

“And that is the story of the Messiah,” Brother Green finishes.

All of them are in awe. No one said a word. Until Absolem who is now very interested, asked the first question. “Brother, is your story true? Or it is only a parable?” Knowing that brother Green sometimes spokes in parable.

“It’s true Absolem. All of our ancestors who live before us know that story,” brother Green answered him with a smile. It is the first time that they’ve seen Absolem interested like that.

“Then tell us brother Green, we will be transformed into a butterfly?” asked Leafy.

“Yes Leafy, we will become a butterfly. If when that is I don’t know but through the death of our Messiah, who is the first born among us, our body will also be perfected to be one with our Lord,” answered brother Green.

All of the caterpillars were very amaze and each one has its questions but it seem that they know that their questions will be answered through time that’s why most of them where carefully listening. 

Finally, Spike asked, “Even me can be a butterfly brother?”

“Yes Spike, there is a butterfly within you. Don’t worry about those imperfections today they will be gone one day. The Messiah has already cleansed us.”

“But how can I be a butterfly brother? What should I do?”

Brother Green smiled and says, “Eat cabbages and your body will tell you. Nothing more, nothing less. And all of you must follow also. It is all in the leaf of those cabbages that will transform you.”

Brother Green knew that this is the best thing to do for now for all of them will eventually discover it after they have completed their metamorphosis. 

Hope on the other hand, was now full of joy. She had once seen a butterfly and she always dreamed to fly like them. But tonight, brother Green told them that they will become one of them and that was more than enough for her.

That night, all of them are fast asleep, except for Absolem who make it a habit to watch the stars first before going to sleep.




Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.” –Romans 8:30

As the day passes, Spike now is full of hope that his body will be back to normal and will become a butterfly. Stripe told him that he had undergone an investigation and that those spikes on his back looks like the thorns of the asparagus. He told him that the reason why spike-like-muscles emerged on his back is due to his eating of asparagus leaves. He also advice him that all he needs to do is to follow brother Green’s advice which is to eat a cabbage leaf and eventually after her skin will undergone the molting process, they will be gone.

Spike thanks Stripe for this. He is really excellent in investigating and solving problems. Among all the others, it was them, Stripe and Von who are very close to him. They’ve discovered new things together. But now Spike thought that it is the time to know Von and his gifts. He knows that he can learn so much from Von.

He started by talking to Von about their brothers and sisters. He said that he wants to know about them. So Von started sharing to Spike. But before long, Von notices that Stripe was not saying anything.

“You’re not really interested in the gifts of my brothers and sisters, aren’t you? Tell me what it is that do you want to know from me, my brother,” Von asked Spike.

Spike looks at him interestingly. “How did he know that I’m not really interested?” Spike thought to himself.

“If you’re wondering how I know, well it is because you’re the kind that is always asking so many questions when you are interested, and you are only quite in everything that I’ve said. That’s why tell me my brother, what is it that you want to know?” Von told him with a smile.

Spike looked at Von while smiling. “Well brother, I really want to know your opinion about what brother Green had told us in becoming a butterfly.” 

Von smiles back and answered, “I believe in it my brother, and brother Green wasn’t lying about it. One time, I and Stripe are exploring this garden when we saw a caterpillar surrounding his body with a silk-like-web just like the Messiah in the story. I believe he is entering another Spiritual stage.”

“Spiritual stage? What do you mean brother?”

“I and Stripe are always exploring in the garden. It is for the reason that Stripe wants to discover new things and me mostly are to study the behavior of other insects especially us, the Caterpillars. Brother Green named me Von Hiediken because of those qualities. And by the way brother, do you know the meaning of my name?” asks Von.

“No brother. What it is?’

“It means a Royal Prince. For brother Green is always telling us that we are the children of the Royal King which is our Lord and Messiah.”

“Ah, so now I know,” Spike smiled. “So what have you learned about your experience in exploring this garden my brother?” Spike asks this because he knows that he can learn so much from Von.

“I have discover many insights and I have understands the stages in our Spiritual growth as brother Green often called it. I have also learned that the physical types the Spiritual. That is, you can easily understand the Spiritual when you relate or type it to the physical things around us.”

“So what are those stages my brother?” Spike is getting excited now.

“But first my brother, you must understand that these are base only in my observations and my experiences and not all of us has the same experiences,” explained Von.

“I understand my brother, now kindly tell me what are those stages,” asked Spike

“Okay, these are from what I’ve learned from brother Green and base on my experiences:

The first Stage is when we are still in the egg. In total darkness we know nothing about the outside world. That is our physical birth. We are not yet being born again and the life from the Spirit is not yet upon us.  Now, when we are being sustained by the light from our Creator we are being develop inside that shell and something inside us is telling us to push our way out and eat our shell. The best thing to do is to listen to the light and push outward.

The second stage is when we are born again and for the first time saw that light that warmth us. We will then breathe in that Spirit of life and what accompanies this is the great struggle of overcoming your old self.

But after that struggle there are these full of blissful excitement and joy but with little understanding and responsibility and few limits. I equate this phase with the caterpillar stage, the stage where we are right now. And the best thing to do is to eat.

The third is the pupal stage or confining in the cocoon where you stop eating. Well, I don’t yet experience this stage and even brother Green, but base on my observations to others; this is a stage where there is much need of faith, meditation and patience. For it is the time when you will lose hope and the great time of waiting for your body to change. It is the stage in which we commune with our Creator by knowing Him intimately. This is nevertheless a vital stage of development though it is not always attractive from the outside; those going through it need to be shown understanding and patience. The best thing to do is not to mind the world around you and to meditate in the life that was given to you by the leaf.

And I must warn you brother, many remained stuck in this phase and do not progress. There’s a feeling of safety as well as restriction in this stage, and a fear that breaking beyond this  stage also means losing everything of importance.

The fourth stage is the butterfly pushing to break out from the constrictive cocoon. In this stage, there will come a great struggle even greater than pushing from our shells.  And we will lose all of our hope from ourselves for this is the stage very close to perfection.

Yes, there will come great delusions and confusions. But take heart my brother, for it is in this stage that our Lord will do the rest for us. It is in this stage where He will show us how powerful He is in this time where there is no more hope left. And it is He, not ourselves and not anything else, Who will perfect us. The best thing to do is to look upon our Lord’s refuge and protection.

Then after this, there will be a period of rest. As we are completely out of our cocoon, our new body needs to pump up blood into our wings so that they will expand and be strengthened before the first flight can take place. The best thing to do is to rest.

The fifth and the last stage is the stage of an adult butterfly taking a flight. This is the stage of mature adulthood and in faith terms it is marked by a complete physical and Spiritual perfection where all of us are no longer earthly bound and into the complete stage of Spirituality.

Those are from what I’ve learned my brother,” Von finishes. Spike is taken aback. He had realized how much time he had wasted by not learning those things and listening to brother Green. If only he had stop eating those asparagus leaves sooner, perhaps he had also learned those. “If Von had learned these much, then I am really left behind and is so far away compared to them,” Spike told himself. His face turned sad.

“Don’t worry my brother, everything has its own time and our Lord has a plan for us. We need only to wait for that time for time itself will tell us if we are ready,” Von said after seeing the sad face from Spike’s eyes.

Spike thanked Von for the time and both of them go home. 



There is no fear in love, but perfect love cast out fear; because fear hath torment. He that fear is not made perfect in love.1 John 4:8

It has been several days had passed since Spike first came in the family. On his first molting (changing of skin) the spikes on his back were gone. He thanked the Lord for it. Indeed, brother Green is correct. Now, he has no more worries about his body.

Brother Green knows that Spike was one of the family, only that he can’t figure out why he is not born together with his brothers and sisters. He thought that God has a plan for it. “He is a kind hearted caterpillar,” brother Green thought.

Since that night that brother Green told them the story of the Messiah, Spike became so inspired that he went on sharing the good news to the other caterpillars hoping that they’ll believe in it. But all of them ignore it especially when Spike told them that they will become a butterfly.

“How? Can you tell us how to be a butterfly?” asks a black caterpillar when he happened to shared it to them.

“All you need to do is to eat the leaves that you are born unto,” answers Spike excitedly.

“Pathetic. You’re a worm. You will not fly,” was their reply.

Spike left and was deeply hurt. Those words keep on rewinding on his mind, “You’re a worm. You will not fly.” He began to doubt. “What if those caterpillars are correct? What if I will not really become a butterfly?”

At that moment, Spike began to realize and look back on the things that the Lord had done to him. On how was the light above warmth him when he is still on his shell, on how the Lord lead him to meet his family right now. And on how His creator changed his body, get rid the spikes on it and develop it more healthy compared before. He had noticed the changes. Thinking of those things made him believe that as the day passes, he is nearer in becoming a butterfly.

One day, Spike found a group of brown caterpillars who believe that they are already a butterfly!

“You’re already a butterfly? How can that be brothers? Your bodies are not yet change and you can’t still fly.” inquired Spike.

“Brother, our body is already changed and we are already one with our Creator. Flying is just a sensation and we can already fly to Him because we are one with Him,” explained by the leader of the group.

“You can already fly? Can you show me how can you elevate your body from the ground and go higher?

“You will not understand that brother because your thinking about flying is carnal.”

Spike then left. He can’t believe that there are caterpillars who honestly believe that they are already a butterfly but can’t even fly. He then asked brother Green about this.

“It is because they have been deceived brother. They have been deceived that their body is already changed and therefore can fly, but the truth is, they weren’t. For them they are already perfect. Some are also impatient to wait for their metamorphosis that’s why they deceive themselves,” explained brother Green.

Spike was so sorry for them. So he decided to equip his self first and to answer all of his questions through asking questions to his brothers and sisters and brother Green. Brother Green shared to him the Scriptures that he is always reading and something in Spike responded on it. He knows that those words are the truth. He is now more certain that he will become a butterfly, only that he don’t know when is the exact time.

Then one day brother Green approaches Spike and asks him, “Can I ask you a question brother?”

Spike smiled and said, “Sure brother, what is it?”

“What it is that dies despite living and lives despite dying?” brother Green asked.

Spike looked puzzled. He doesn’t know the answer. “I will find the answer brother,” he said while smiling at brother Green and brother Green smiles also and said, “When you will know the answer you can also answer those questions that you have asked me before.”

Brother Green knows that Spike just like Stripe and Von, is also excited to discover new things, to meet someone and considers everyday as an adventure. He wants to learn many things also especially the Scripture, he is very interested on it. He had notice also that just like Lambchamp, Spike is always willing to sacrifice. He knows that this is good but he is worried that someday the enemy will use this quality against him especially that Spike is not yet expose to those.

Little did brother Green know, that day is today.

While exploring again the garden looking for delicious cabbages and sharing the story of Messiah to others, Spike happens to see some caterpillars climbing hard to reach somewhere. He looked upward and saw a great pillar rising into the air, where many are climbing and pushing the others — it’s a caterpillar’s pillar!

It becomes visible to him that all the caterpillars were climbing very hard to reach the top. Spike felt new excitement—like someone who found a delicious cabbage—as he thought: “Perhaps now, these caterpillars will believe to what I will share to them.”

Intrigued, he asked one crawler: “What’s happening?”

“I don’t really know,” was his reply. “But I heard that you will become a butterfly when you keep on reaching the top.”

“But do you know what’s at the top?” asks Spike.

“No one knows. But I think it must be good, because everybody wants to go there. Good-bye.”

The caterpillar plunged back into the line. Spike’s head was full of questions. He knows exactly that it’s not the way to become a butterfly but he wants to know what’s on top and in anyway, he is glad to know that someone believes that they will become a butterfly. Every moment, a new caterpillar passed him and was gone into the pile. “I need to find out what’s at the top,” decided Spike and pushes himself in.

His first moment on the pillar was a surprise. He was kicked, pushed and eventually fall. Every time he fell, he will start climbing again. As he pushes on, Spike felt he was getting higher and higher. But after a couple of hours, he could hardly maintain his place. It was then that a curios feeling nags inside him: “Where are we going? What’s at the top?”

A female yellow caterpillar named Yellow whom he had just step over asked: “What did you say?”

“I was just wondering what’s at the top and where we’re going.”

“You know,” Yellow said, “just like you, I was wondering too. But since there’s no way to find out while we’re still here, I decided it wasn’t significant.” She answered and quickly asked: “Do you know how far we are from the top?”

Spike answered doubtfully: “Since we’re neither at the top nor at the bottom, we must be in the middle.”

But then Spike felt bad. “How can I step to someone and did not even say sorry?” he thought. He stays away from Yellow as much as he can. But one day there she was again, climbing the only way to the top. So he decided to share to her the true way of becoming a butterfly.

Yellow was shock to the revelation of the truth. Here is another caterpillar telling her the true way. Spike’s words make sense at all. She asks him so many questions about it and Spike explained it completely to her. Many others are also listening to him that time and surprisingly, they are interested.   

Yellow then felt sad and she began to cry: “I could go on with this life until I met you. Now, whenever you look at me so gently, I know that I don’t like this life. I just want to do those things that you’ve said and eat leaves with you but what should I do? My families are all here.” Stripe’s heart sank. Everything looked different to Yellow now. For her, the pillar made no sense at all.

“Then let us tell your family about this good news,” Spike exclaimed. But this is not an easy thing to do.

“The one who leads this climb is my Elder Brother. All of my brothers and sisters are already near the top,” explained Yellow.

“Did they ever become a butterfly?”

“I don’t know. But my brother is encouraging us all to climb. He said that you will become a butterfly if you will reach the top.”

“No sister, when you will become a butterfly, you can easily reach the top. It is only the butterflies who can reach the top. Climbing is a wrong way to get to the top. Let’s go down”

Yellow meditate for those words of Spike. For the first time in Yellow’s life, she had met someone who had a great concern for her. Her brothers and sisters are busy climbing the top ignoring everyone beside them. Spike told her that the correct way to become a butterfly is to eat grass and to enjoy the blessings of their Creator while they live – the things that Yellow really loves to do. But that mean giving up the climb which is a hard decision. Then she told Spike, “No, I won’t go down. But will you stay with me?”

Spike knows that those caterpillars are in great trouble but he wanted to save Yellow and share to all the correct way. He wanted to tell everyone that they are heading into destruction. So he replied “Yes” and decided to stay for a little longer until he can convince some to go down.



Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.Psalm 119:105

Days had passed and before long the good news shared by Spike was heard by the caterpillars on the top. It reach Baldemar (his name means “a ruler”) the leader of the climb and brother of Yellow. He ordered

then his other brothers to stop Spike from sharing and told them to cast him away from the pillar.

“Also spread the news that he is being send by the enemy to deceive us,” commanded Baldemar. “We can’t still see the peak, but just tell everyone that we can already see butterflies above us so that they will hurry and be encouraged.”

They did what exactly Baldemar had commanded them for they are being tied in fear of Baldemar. They’ve push Spike downward that causes Spike to fall from the pillar. Some knew that what they are doing was wrong but they are afraid of Baldemar, while some were being deceived in believing that what Baldemar have said were true.

Yellow was vey distress on what they’ve done to Spike she loves Spike but she is helpless. She knew that her brothers and sisters will do it also to her if Baldemar will command it to them. All she can do was to cry and accept that Spike was gone. For all her love, she couldn’t go with Spike.

Spike however, landed on a potato leaf that prevents him from the impact of falling hard. There was only a slight ache from his feet caused by the impact of the fall and some bruises on his body caused by the caterpillars that have pushed him.

Spike struggled inside. He can’t imagine that they have done it to him. All that on his mind was to save Yellow. But he is not already welcome there.

Then Spike cry and pray to his Creator for Yellow and to all the caterpillars in the pillar. He had already forgiven them. He wants to go back up there to save Yellow, but he knows that he can really help her if he will become first a butterfly.

Then he remembers brother Green and his brothers and sisters. So Spike hurried to go back home and look for bother Green. But brother Green is nowhere to be found anymore. All of his sisters and brothers are so worried when they saw him, there are lots of bruises in his body.

“Where is brother Green sister?” asks Spike.

“He is no longer here brother. He had already made his cocoon in an avocado tree,” answered Moonbay. “What happened to you brother? Are you alright?”

“I’m okay sister.” Then he looks at his brothers and sisters. Their body now is so different from before. He is now smaller compared to them. He did not eat for several days already and Moonbay told him that Leafy, Catty, Lambchamp, Maddowpillar and Swallowtail had already started making their cocoon.

Spike felt so weak. But then Von and Stripe tap his back and said, “It’s not yet too late my brother. All you need to do is to eat.” And they give him a smile.

With no time to waste, Spike hurriedly eats some of the cabbage leaves until he is full.  After a day, all his bruises were gone and he became bigger that before.  Caterchris, Hope, Moonbay, Absolem and Looper started to find a tree also to build a cocoon. Then another day passes. It was now the turn of Wigly, Chrisallis, Lily, Stripe and Von.

Spike becomes sadder seeing that his brothers and sister are now preparing to become a butterfly. So Von tried to comfort him by talking to him.

“Tell me, my brother,” Spike asked, “what really is a butterfly?” He asked this because although he had seen a butterfly, he did not really know what they do.

“It is what you are bound to become. It flies with excellent wings and joins the earth to the sky. It drinks just nectar from the flowers and conveys the seeds of adoration starting with one flower then onto the next. Without butterflies, the world would have fewer flowers.” “

Spike gasped: “Do you need to die to become a butterfly?”

“Yes and no,” Von said. “This may look like dying but in fact you will still live. Life is death, not having a sting. It is not the same as  those individuals who died while never turning into a butterfly.”

Now Spike knows the answer to his questions. Indeed, they are the ones who died everyday despite living and lives despite dying.

“And if I decide to become a butterfly,” said Spike hesitantly, “what shall I do to make a cocoon?”

“Watch me, I’m making one. It’s an intermediate dwelling where the change happens. It’s a huge venture, since you can never come back to caterpillar life. Furthermore, the change is slow to the point that any individual who may look in may feel that nothing is going on. But you are already becoming a butterfly. Once you are already a butterfly, you can truly love: the sort of love that makes new life.”

“How I wish I could go and get Yellow,” Spike said. Anyhow he knew she was too far away.

“Don’t be sad,” said Von. “Our Lord will take care of her. If you change, you can fly and show her how beautiful butterflies are. Maybe she will want to become one too!”

“What if Yellow will not recognize my new self? Suppose she decides to stay as a caterpillar?” Spike asks himself. These are bugging in his mind. What did he have to go on?

Von kept on covering himself with shiny strings. As he wove the last bit around his head he called: “We’re all waiting up for you my brother!” Then he grins at him and was quiet.

Suddenly, Spike wanted to become a butterfly even more. He needs to save Yellow and he need to be a butterfly. He desired to sprout wings and work hard for it. It was only him and Geneses left.

Then one day, he began spinning his own cocoon together with her sister Genesis. “I didn’t even know I could do this,” he shouted in astonishment. “If I can make this, perhaps I can turn into a butterfly also” he told Genesis when he was completing his cocoon.

“Until next time brother,” Genesis said to Spike when she was finish.

“Until next time,” Spike answered with a smile.




Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.1 Timothy 6:12

Meanwhile, Yellow was progressing. She had hardened her heart and is now more determined to reach the top. She avoided eye contact with others, tried not to think of Spike. She disciplined herself not to be distracted. She didn’t think she was against anyone. She was simply doing what she needed to in order to get to the top. “Don’t accuse me in the event that you don’t succeed. It’s a hard life,” she would have said had anyone complained.

One day at the pillar, three thuds startled Yellow. Three big caterpillars had fallen from someplace and smashed. Two seemed dead but one still wiggled. Yellow whispered: “What’s going on? Can I help the two of you?” He made out just a few words. “The top… you can’t… butterflies alone…” Then the caterpillar died. Yellow crawls away and she was quiet.

What did the mysterious message mean? Then she remembered these words of Spike: “It is only the butterflies who can reach the top. Climbing was a wrong way to get high.”

“I need to discover the secret of the top,” Yellow announced.

At last, she was close to her goal. At the point where light filtered down from the top, she was near to collapse. At that height, there was almost no movement at all. All held their place with the ability taught by almost a lifetime of climbing. There was no communication. Yellow heard a crawler above her saying: “None of us can get any higher without getting rid of them.”

Soon after, she felt a great force and shaking. It was followed by screams and falling bodies. Then stillness, more light to be seen and a lesser amount of weight from above. Yellow felt awful. The mystery of the pillar was clearing. She now knew what had happened to the three caterpillars—and what must always been happening on the pillar.

Frustrated, Yellow was still trying to justify her climb to herself when she heard a shout from the top: “There’s nothing here at all!”

It was replied by another yell: “Quiet, you fool! They’ll hear you down. We’re in the place where they want to go. That’s what’s here!”

She know that voice. It was the voice of her brother Baldemar. Yellow froze. It only looked good from the bottom.

The shout came again: “Look! Over there! Another pillar… And…  and another! There are pillars everywhere!”

“Oh my!” Yellow said, “There are thousands of pillars everywhere!  This is only one of those thousands!  There is nothing in here at all! What a waste!”

Then she remembered Spike. Her life with him seemed far away now.

“Spike” she gasps.  “He knew something. I wish I am with him.”

“I could go down,” she thought. “I’d look ridiculous but maybe it’s better than this.”

Yellow’s judgment was interrupted by blasts of movement above her. Everybody appeared to be trying to discover some passage to the top. With each push the top layer tightened. At last, one caterpillar heaved: “Unless we attempt together, no one can get to the top. Perhaps we can if we provide one major push…”

At the same time before they could act, there were yells and bustle. Yellow struggled to the edge to see the cause. A brilliant Striped-Green-winged creature was circling the pillar, moving freely. A wonderful sight!  A butterfly!

When Yellow poked out her head the butterfly seemed to recognize her. It tried to grab her. But Yellow was being caught by the crowd back to the pile before she was pulled. She was let go by the brilliant creature while looking sadly into her eyes. The look thrilled Yellow.

Words from the past returned to her mind: “…butterflies alone…The top… you can’t…” It was all so strange.

Then Yellow suddenly remembers something. “Oh! Could this be…? Impossible!”

But the excitement wouldn’t stop. She felt happy. Somehow she couldn’t escape. Looking into the creature’s eyes she could hardly bear the love she saw. She wanted to make up for all the times she had refused to look at those eyes.

She stopped struggling. The others stared at her as though she were mad. Yellow turned around and began to go down the pillar. This time she didn’t curl up. She stretched out full length and looked straight into the eyes of each caterpillar. She marveled at their beauty, amazed that she had never noticed it before.

She whispered to each caterpillar: “I’ve been up. There’s nothing there.”

Most paid no attention. They were too intent on climbing. But some were shocked and even stopped climbing to hear her better. One of these whispered in grief: “Don’t say it to us, even if it’s true. What else would we able to do?” Yellow’s responds stunned every one of them; including herself. “We can fly! We can reach the top by becoming a butterfly.”

As she heard her own message she realizes how she had misread the instinct to get high. To get to the ‘top’ she must fly, not climb.

Yellow looked at each caterpillar with joy that there could be a butterfly inside all of them. But their response was worse than earlier. She saw fear in their eyes. This news was too good to be true. And if it what she is saying it not true?

The hope that lit up the pillar fainted. The way going down was too long and tiring. Doubt penetrated Yellow. The pillar took on horrible dimensions. She struggled on. It appeared to be inappropriate to stop believing. Yet believing appeared to be impossible. A caterpillar scorned: “How might you be able to swallow such a story? Our life is earth and climbing. Look at us! We are worms! We are not butterflies. Simply appreciate caterpillar living here!”

“Perhaps he’s right,” sighed Yellow. “I have no proof that I will be a butterfly by consuming leaves,” still she proceeded down, looking for those eyes which would give her a chance to whisper: “You will turn into a butterfly, there’s a butterfly inside you.”

Finally, she was down. Tired and sad, Yellow crawled off to the place where Spike had fallen. He is not there. She was too exhausted to go further. She fell asleep. When she finally awoke she found the striped creature fanning him with wings of light.

“Is this a dream?” she wondered. But the dream creature acted awfully real. He stroked her with his feelers and looked at her so lovingly that she began to trust what he had said about becoming a butterfly. The butterfly walked a distance, and then flew back. He repeated it as if indicating that she should follow him.

Yellow complied, and they came to a branch from which hung two torn sacks. He kept on inserting his head, then his tail, into one of them. Then he would fly to her and touch her. His feelers quivered and Yellow knew he was speaking but she can’t understand it. Slowly she seemed to understand. Somehow she knew what to do.

Then Yellow began making her cocoon. It got darker inside and she was afraid. She felt she had to let go of everything she has. She waited inside it.

Until one day…



To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.Revelation 3:21

Yellow come out from her cocoon and the first to greet her is Spike.

“Welcome back my dear Yellow,” greeted Spike. He holds her hand and smiles at her. A smile that was been longed by Yellow. She can now understand him. She looks at Spike’s eyes and she can see her reflection on it. It was full of love, the love that she is now possessing. She is now like Spike. She is now a butterfly! 

Yellow was full of joy, an everlasting joy that she had never felt before. And along with it is an everlasting love that filled her heart. She can see that behind Spike are the seventeen other butterflies, all is happy seeing her coming out of her cocoon. The family welcomed her with a warm hug and greetings from every one.

At last, she is now free. She now had two; beautiful, yellow colored wings and she began to slowly stretch them. They were so new that she could hardly believe that they were part of her. The more she stretched them, the more beautiful they became and soon they quivered and fluttered as gracefully as did the other butterfly wings. She flapped her wings and took off into the sky.  She was flying!  She flew off in exhilaration, over the leaves and over the trees and she was joined by Spike and seventeen others. They are all happily flying.

They pass over the caterpillar’s pillar where she had been before. Her brothers and sisters saw her and were amazed as they see her magnificently flying above them.  They flew over wide cabbage plots the home of Spike and the others.

In one of the cabbages were new little, green caterpillars, crawling gradually about and satisfying themselves with cabbage-leaf. This was all they knew how to do, and this they did steadfastly.

“Don’t worry little caterpillars,” said Spike as he flew over them, “continue at your work; the cabbage leaf provides you with food, and your crawling makes you strong. Before long you too, will become be butterflies and go hence free and happy into God’s extraordinary upper world.”

Having said this in so low a tone of voice that perhaps they would not hear him and can’t understand him.

They flew far away, so far that neither you nor I could have followed them with our eyes. However, the little, green, caterpillars must have heard Spike, for they continue to crawl and munching cabbage leaves happily. Not one of them was ever heard to whine of being a caterpillar, yet regularly one would lift his head, and I’m certain that just like me, he is also thinking about the time when he too could fly and turn into a stunning butterfly.



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