July 14, 2024

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With Great Gifts comes Great Responsibility

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When Elisha asked Elijah to inherit a double portion of his spirit, Elijah replied in the verse above that Elisha is asking a difficult thing. Why do you think asking for spiritual gifts is a difficult thing according to Elijah? I believe this is because from those spiritual gifts, comes also the great responsibilities in bearing such gifts. I can imagine Elijah surveying his life, with all the difficulties and trials he had been through because of his role as God’s prophet… and so he tells Elisha “You have asked for a difficult thing son. Don’t think for one moment that possessing God’s gifts in this measure will be easy. It won’t my son. You have asked for a difficult walk.”

The same goes for us. Sometimes we read of great spiritual gifts in the Bible and truly desire to possess them. This is a good thing. But bear in mind that with great gifts comes great responsibility. Your time will not be your own. Sometimes young believers desire to be a great Bible teacher. That is good for it is important. But heed James warning that “not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” Desiring spiritual gifts is great. It is encouraged in the Bible and should be desired. But in doing so you have not chosen an easy thing. Be assured that there is always a price to pay. In fact, it isn’t just desiring spiritual gifts that is “a difficult thing”. Anyone who asks and desires to know God better has asked a hard thing. For true growth, is growth in grace. And remember that God’s grace is only made perfect in weakness. And weakness means not being in control of your situation. Hence, it is always a “difficult thing.” But it is also God’s way.


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