July 25, 2024

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He Only Looks at the Blood

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Thankfully, in terms of our eternal salvation, our Lord does not look upon us, or in His Church, or His children, or our works. He only looks to our Lord Jesus. He only looks to His blood. He alone is our salvation. He alone is our righteousness. He is our standing and so we are blameless and spotless in the eyes of God.

Just like in the verse above, during the first Passover, the Lord did not check who is inside the house. Whether they are good people or not. Whether they have good works or not. He only looks at the blood. And He is the same today. For our salvation, He only looks at the Blood of our Lord Jesus. He doesn’t care about what group are you in. Whether you are baptized or not. Whether you have done good works or not. For your salvation, He only looks at one thing, and that is the blood of His Son. So don’t believe those who say that there will be people who will be saved through their good works.


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