July 25, 2024

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Fight the Enemy and Claim your Inheritance

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Judges 1:34 “The Amorites confined the Danites to the hill country, not allowing them to come down into the plain.”

The tribe of Dan has no desire to fight the enemy and claim their inheritance. Instead of living in the plains, they compromise and live in the rugged hills. Are you like the tribe of Dan that give in to the Amorites allowing them to live in the places where the Lord had planned for the tribe of Dan to live? Do you live in the plains where you are meant to be or are you scratching out a Christian life in the unproductive hill country?

A simple example to this would be our reaction when a new trial arises. Through thanksgiving and presenting your requests to God, the peace of God should be yours – to guard your heart and minds through the difficulty. Have you experienced that? Or did the fear of the enemy rob you of that peace? I write this as someone who has freaked out enough to be sick of letting the enemy steal my peace and no longer want those Amorites in the land!


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