July 25, 2024

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From the depths of Scripture, Faith and time
I’ve searched for Thee, my beloved Groom
Whom my love is to be linked with thine
On marriage rights, in Thy Father’s home

I prayed for the time that Thou will come
I prayed that I am always ready
That day from Bride to Wife I’ll become
In fine linen, white and wrinkle-free

And though I don’t know when it maybe
Perhaps today or the day after
Yet I am always yearning for Thee
I’ll always wait and love Thee ever

Now this I know, by Thy love I’m save
In robe of righteousness I’m adorn
By Holy Spirit which Thou have gave
The old is gone for I am reborn

And these visions bright appeared to see
Of how happy I am in Thy home
From hatred, sadness and sickness free
Where rest, love, joy and peace reign alone

For Thou art Lord the Angelic King
Of that abode so sweet and Holy
Where cherubs, elders and angels sing
“Holy is the Lord God Almighty!”

And when at night from Thy home Thou come
I’ll not be waiting on man-made porch
Among Thy singing parade I’ll come
With Morning Star’s light and glowing torch

And of this joy came from mortal lips
Cannot describe and dare not to tell
That nectar sweetness which lovers sip
The glory of Grand Marriage Supper!

Through rain or shine, through joy or sadness
Help me to stay in Thy Word, my Groom
On this earth which few are my gladness
And focused to enter in Thy home

My only pray’r when comes that great day
Let it be Lord that I’m there to see
Wrap with Thy Holy Word ’round, I plead
To witness Thy Shekinah Glory!

For in Thy Word I know there You are
And let this joy hear my gloomy way
Yes Thou art here, not distant and far
Oh come, my Lord, unite me to Thee!

And when that time will finally come
Never ending rejoice there will be!
For I’ve waited my beloved Groom
Predestined to share my love with Thee!


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