July 25, 2024

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Live the Faith that You Have Received

A businessman holds his arms out as he tentatively attempts to walk on water.

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Rom. 1:17b “The righteous shall live by faith.”

Once there was a teacher of the Word and a newly converted Christian who is always eager to listen to the Bible teachings and preaching of the teacher. Whatever the teacher taught from the Bible, this young Christian put them in his heart and live them.

One day, the young Christian approach the teacher and said “I have such faith in the Word of God and in what you taught that I will just say the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I will be able to walk in the water!” Before the teacher could say anything, this young Christian had entered the river, crying: “All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ! All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ!” He took one step. Then another. And a third step. His body began to levitate and the young Christian managed to reach the other side of the river without even getting his feet wet.

The teacher looked in surprise and said to himself, “Perhaps the Bible is really true, one can really walk on water if one only believes.” Determined to repeat his disciple’s success, he also began to cry “All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ! All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ!” He then took one step and a second step, but by the third he was already being swept away by the current. The young Christian dive into the water to save him from certain death. When both men reached the shore, exhausted, the teacher remained silent for a long time. Finally, he said: “I hope you can draw a wise lesson from what happened here. All that I taught you were the scriptures and the correct way to live them. However, none of that would have been enough if you had not added what was missing: TO LIVE THE FAITH THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED. I taught you because my teachers taught me. But while I thought and studied, you put into practice what you had received. Thank you for helping me to understand that one does not always believe in what one wants others to believe.”

I forgot the title of this story but this is one of the stories about faith that I can never forget.


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