July 25, 2024

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I wrote this psalm for you my Lord
To offer before Thy eyes
To make me see through Thy Word
And take this sad disguise

When I’m with You in Your arms
Close to You, tight and still
And I could utter anytime
“Thank You for loving me well”

But alas my simple words
Are like summer in the rain
For when sin filled my mortal heart,
Those words vanishes in vain.

My heart is longing for you, oh God
For sins bounded me in chain
Like a lover who remain unloved
And love who loved in vain.

But then oh Lord You are so good,
You look with so much grace
To take this aching loneliness
And look into my face.

I always want to be with You
Like a flower that loves the sun,
I’ll always wait and find Your love
And pray that Thy will be done

I love you Lord, I love You
Are all I want to say
These words I love to say and do
And share it everyday


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