June 17, 2024

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No one can Replicate the Fragrance of Christ

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If you will read Exo. 30:34-38, there was a special formula that went into making the incense that was offered up to God on the golden altar. It included onycha, galbanum and other equally unpronounceable spices. But notice that God said that this formula was not to be replicated and used by the people personally. Any thoughts on why God would say this? Why would God copyright the incense formula so that it couldn’t be duplicated? He even went so far as to say that if anyone does make it for themselves, they must be cut off from the people! Why is He getting precious about this particular fragrance?

This particular fragrance, this incense, is a picture of Christ. Eph 5:2 tells us that “Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma.” That is the incense that God accepts. He accepts His Son and all those who through faith are ‘in Christ’. Hence God didn’t want anyone else trying to duplicate this fragrance… because no one can replace or duplicate Christ! He is unique! For someone to take and use this particular fragrance upon himself would be to say that they are acceptable to God in and of themselves. We should always consider what we are offering up to God. We should always consider in what ways we try to take credit for that which God does in and through our life. Don’t take the glory for that which you have been given! He is the fragrant aroma to God and our boasting should only be in the Lord.


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