July 25, 2024

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Someday I know, I will be much stronger,
A beacon of light, a babe no longer,
No longer be bound by shackles of fear,
No longer be afraid, this is so clear.

From my spirit’s depth, the fire will ignite,
No more in darkness, and shadows of night,
Trials and struggles, will strengthen my way,
My Lord will lift me, I knew it, someday

Someday you will see me, marching ahead,
The Lord is my Captain, He’ll be my lead,
His leading and His Word, they’ll be my guide,
In His grace and mercy, will I abide.

Through armor of God, my spirit will soar,
My faith will be strengthened, I’ll seek Him more,
Through knowledge and wisdom, which He bestows,
The Bonbon you once knew, truly will grow.

But not only me, this I’m very sure
But you and them also, we will all soar
In the storms of this life, we will stand tall
For our Lord’s love in us, won’t let us fall

Someday we’ll be stronger, no longer sigh
From worm to butterfly, we will soar high
In each passing day, we will grow in grace,
In His Word and Truth, we will find our place,

So run this journey, with a steadfast heart,
Knowing that our Lord will never depart,
Someday we’ll be stronger, yes etern’lly,
All through His Spirit, in you and in me.


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