July 14, 2024

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The God of Simplicity

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Dan 1:8a “But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine.”

We need to be like Daniel – to have a resolve not to defile ourselves with the food offered by the world (offered by Babylon). He was not swayed by the lure of Babylon even though he lived right in its midst. The food offered by Babylon may seem attractive and nice but it won’t sustain you like the food that God gives. You will eventually find out that those foods are actually junk foods. It tastes good initially but only leads to further problems, emptiness and discontentment. We need to stick with what the Lord offers!

Oftentimes, what we need is a simple, uncomplicated faith like this. A faith that says God watches, God cares, God acts and God will supply. Any believer that really knows God seems to be blessed by what I would call a ‘divine simplicity. They know the character of God and they cling to this simple revelation they have got about Him. And so, in verses 15 to 17, we can read that God takes good care of Daniel and his three friends.


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