July 25, 2024

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Oh, Lord, what can I do for You?
Whose boundless love so pure and true,
Have woven blessings through my days,
And lit my path with guiding rays.

You prepared everything for me,
The Heavens, the earth, air and sea,
You stooped down to dust to make me,
Oh King of kings, God almighty.

You’ve given me the breath of life,
And all that I need without strife,
You’ve veiled me with Your tender care,
And offered love beyond compare.

You’ve showered me with great blessings,
The stars, flowers, all amazing,
The oceans vast, the mountains tall,
They tell Your goodness, my Cre’tor.

Yet when the enemy tempts me,
I forgot all Your love for me,
With all the goodness that You do,
Still, Oh Lord, I did not choose You.

I know that time, I broke Your heart,
Oh Lord my God, I’ve fall apart,
The consequences of my sin,
Separate me from You within.

From then on, I became earthly,
The one You’ve created heav’nly,
My countenance deteriorates,
So far from the man You’ve create.

I was hopeless as sin bounds me,
Would things be the same as they’ve be?
I have no face to approach You,
Sorry Lord, for I’m coward too.

But then oh Lord Your love abounds,
A sweet fragrance, a pleasing sound,
You left heaven just to save me,
And gave Your life on calvary.

“What kind of love is this?” I asked,
The love that forgives the outcast,
I’ve never found this love before,
That sacrificed and can give more.

Oh, no words can describe it Lord,
The greatest love story ev’r told,
Upon that cross, You bled and died,
To save us all, be justified.

So here I stand, with heart aglow,
To ask You Lord, and humbly show,
Tell me “What can I do to for You?”
For all the goodness that You do?

You’ve given everything for me,
Even Your life not spared from Thee,
All my pr’yers I’ve asked from You,
So this time Lord, what can I do?

You have been a servant for me,
King of heaven, full of glory,
I want to be a servant too,
With no other Master but You.

So tell me Lord what should I do?
To offer all my love to You?
Shall I sing songs of grateful praise?
Or build a temple as Your place?

Shall I extend a helping hand?
To lift the fallen from this land?
Or should I give all of my time?
In church activities sublime?

But then You have showed me oh Lord,
A revelation from your Word,
You don’t want all these grandest things,
All You want is me as off’ring.

The whole of me that You can use,
To do Your will what’ver the cost
So here I am, use me Oh Lord,
For only this I can afford.

Take over Lord and do Your will,
May it be stirred, may it be still,
From the start, this’s what suppose to,
You belong to me and I to you.


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