July 25, 2024

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Two roads are set before me
One narrow and one is wide
Don’t know why they’re in front me
Seemed their paths will be my guide

For on Earth I’m a stranger
I need to choose on these two
And one thing to me is clear
To have them both, that won’t do

So I looked and weighed them in
Where this one life do I spend?
Will it be on narrow gain?
Or in splendid wid’ning bend?

First I looked the wid’ning road
That many took before me
Where fame, pride and riches stood
And power to welcome me

But I looked furthered away
To see where its end leads me
I saw those that chose this way
Awaits death and agony

Then I looked the narrow path
Of which seems less traveled by
Persecutions to looked at
And troubles to passers by

But to those that chose this way
I noticed they’re not alone
Separations be there lay
A Companion is not gone

Like the first I looked its end
A crown and thrones I can see
Where peace and joy has no end
Throughout all eternity

But what amazed me is He
The Companion Who’s in them
He’s there with them all the way
And receives all those that came

Again I looked these two roads
One narrow and one is wide
‘Though sep’rated, not alone
For I took the narrow side


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